CALENDAR - Exhibitions and Performances

MARCH 31 - APRIL 2, 2107

OPEN STUDIOS: Preview Friday March 31 6-9 pm. Saturday April 1 and Sunday April 2 from Noon to 6 pm. 1890 Bryant Street Studios. Over 100 artists tidy up and invite you to see them in their workspaces! Guest performing artists in my space will be announced soon...


Gloria Justen, string virutoso will be the musical soloist for our April Parallel Play Performance - program details coming soon!

MAY 12 - 15

RESOUND ENSEMBLE PERFORMANCE: Live concert painting performance for "TRANSCENDENCE" concerts..  4 paintings, progressing each evening over the course of the concerts. Dates: Friday, May 12, 6:00-10:00, Saturday, May 13, 6:00-10:00, Monday, May 15, 6:00-10:00.

JUNE 2017

Allison Lovejoy, pianist, will collaborate as pianist for a very French Parallel Play SF art-meets-music exploration of the color of Debussy and Ravel in piano and paint. Date TBA

JULY 2017

"Flower Piano" at the San Francisco Botanical TBA

Wait, WHAT? Music and painting?

Where painting and music meet
Music has taught me everything essential about creating paintings: Inspiring, dreaming, exploring, inventing--reflecting the emotional and "motional" world created by a piece of music. The paintings are chronicles of my encounters with music. I try to make each work a fusion of air, light and passion, and its been a honor to explore and immerse myself in both new and old masterworks of sound.  In 2016, I founded an art-music making performance laboratory, called Parallel Play SF with co-creator Deanna Badizadegan, violist and virtuoso collaborator. We create monthly experiences fusing art and music in the studio, and we invite audiences to participate, learn and enjoy. 

What I'm working on
I'm painting a series of new, small works inspired by jazz and the artists of the Floating World - Ukiyo-E. Another recent series, called “WaterMusic–Jazz”, was created alla prima in the sense that they are not inspired by existing music but rather future music.  My hope is that music will come to them in some way, and that's already happened: my bassist friend David Arend and his collective of composer-players “Alchemy Sound Project” used my paintings on their new album called Further Explorations. I'm also working on  three large paintings inspired by John Adams "City Noir"

Whats coming up
This summer I'll be collaborating with the Allison Lovejoy , painist extraordinaire; and also The Resound Ensemble of San Francisco during their spring concert  with theme of Transcendence, painting during the 3 concerts while the audience listens and looks: including works by Ola Gjeilo, Johannes Brahms, Arvo Pãrt and others. 

from the top, clockwise,  Infinity, Hiroshige, Peacock, and Beta

from the top, clockwise,  Infinity, Hiroshige, Peacock, and Beta

"Joie de Vivre" 60 x 60  

"Joie de Vivre" 60 x 60  

New Studio/ New paintings: Ars Nova Brut series

New Studio/ New paintings: Ars Nova Brut series

the studio...clean for the moment