from the top, clockwise,  Infinity, Hiroshige, Peacock, and Beta

from the top, clockwise,  Infinity, Hiroshige, Peacock, and Beta

Wait, WHAT? Music and painting?

Where painting and music meet
Music has taught me everything essential about creating paintings: Inspiring, dreaming, exploring, inventing--reflecting the emotional and "motional" world created by a piece of music. The paintings are chronicles of my encounters with music. I try to make each work a fusion of air, light and passion, and its been a honor to explore and immerse myself in both new and old masterworks of sound.  In 2016, I founded an art-music making performance laboratory, called Parallel Play SF with co-creator Deanna Badizadegan, violist and virtuoso collaborator. We create monthly experiences fusing art and music in the studio, and we invite audiences to participate, learn and enjoy. 


Upcoming  Exhibitions and Performances:

JULY 15, 2017  

Flower Piano Painting with Allison Lovejoy, Pianist in the SF Botanical Garden , 3 pm